Grief Coaching



A Grief Coach supports you during the mourning phase and helps to guide you into recovery. The death and loss of loved ones are extremely difficult, but the grieving process is a natural one. A Grief Coach navigates you through the tough emotions as you go through the different stages of grief. These stages start with shock and denial, go through anger and eventually reach acceptance. It’s unhealthy to stay in a state of heavy grief forever.

The emphasis of Grief Coaching is to show you how your emotions are valid and that it needs to be felt to show how important it is not to get stuck in a bad place. With compassion and understanding, LifeSong brings you towards acceptance and this prepares you to make a new vision for your future. We  guide you through this journey as you look inside yourself and find the answers that comfort you. We also give you the support you need as you deal with your emotions and we guide you to look ahead. You’re still alive and have a future to plan. Loss may change things, but we show you how to adapt, make progress and set new goals for personal growth. 

Do I need a Grief Coach?

If you’re devastated by a loss and you can’t seem to function, then LifeSong can help bring you from this dark place into a new light. Dealing with loss as we know is very difficult, but we move you forward by preparing you to recover in your own good time to eventually welcome healing into your life.