Life & Personal Development Coaching



A Life Coach helps you identify your goals and puts together an action plan to help you achieve them. Olympic atheltes, sports men and women all have coaches so why can’t everyone else? Business Leaders, Executives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs all need coaches as well to help them reach their utmost potential.

The Life Coach definition varies depending on what a client’s specific goals and aspirations are. We encourage and counsel on personal and professional issues to help you grow. We determine your current situation, identfy any limiting beliefs, challenges and obstacles you may be facing in your life an help you devise a customised plan of action so you can reach your utmost potential.

The Life Coach-Client relationship often results in:

  • Identifying, clarifying and creating a vision for what the client wants and needs
  • Uses the coach’s knowledge and expertise to modify client’s goals as is required
  • Encourages the client’s growth and self-discovery
  • Puts into effect strategies and action plans based on what is most suited to the client’s goals, personality, aspirations and vision
  • Keeps clients accountable to increase productivity

These all work together to maximise the client’s potential. Research shows that when coaching is combined with training, productivity is boosted by 88% than from just training alone.

THE LIFESONG COACHING METHOD is a NLP based method that goes beyond simple strategy and mentoring. We focus on results which aims to get you to your best, possible mental state to deal with your goals. The mind your most powerful tool and the key to your success and even with a great strategy, you won’t succeed without having the right mindset to implement it.

Kristyne helps you to identify and break negative thoughts, patterns and behavior and pushes you to meet and exceed your desired results. Here are a few ways that LifeSong Coaching can help you transform your life.

  • Define your purpose – Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will change your life within the required time frame.
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals – Feel good, get healthy with more energy and vitality. Have a coach that keeps you accountable so you can stay committedand get real results.
  • Create passionate relationships – Get rid of the beliefs that are holding you back from true connections within your relationships.
  • Effective Leadership – Rise above your limitations and gain the necessary skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others.
  • Personal Growth – Grow wisdom, courage, strength, passion and confidence so you overcome challenges or any unexpected changes that life throws at you.
  • Business Growth – Be bold and step out of your comfort zone to drive your sales & profits.